Dental Insurance – Addison, NY

How Can You Maximize Your Benefits?

Many people use dental insurance to help pay for dental checkups and other dentistry services that they might need, but not everyone gets the most out of their dental insurance benefits before the end of the year. Our dentistry team will work with you to help you get the absolute most out of your dental insurance, and we’ll even handle the claim-filing process on your behalf. The guide below covers the basics of dental insurance; call us if you have any further questions.

Dental insurance forms

Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

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You pay premiums for dental insurance in exchange for coverage. After you meet your deductible, your dental insurance will pay a certain percentage for specific dental services on your behalf; each plan has an annual maximum for how much your insurance company is willing to pay within a year. What makes dental insurance different from medical insurance is that dental insurance is structured in a way to make it easier to pay for preventive care, making it easier to avoid more extensive damage that would be more costly to treat.

What Does My Dental Insurance Cover?

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No two dental insurance plans are alike, but many of them follow these lines:

  • Essential preventive services like checkups and cleanings receive up to 100% coverage.
  • Basic restorative care like fillings is covered at around 80%.
  • More extensive restorative care like bridges and dentures typically receive around 50% coverage.
  • Cosmetic dentistry is not included under most plans since it’s typically not related to oral health.

You should confirm the scope of your coverage with your insurance provider before your appointment so that there aren’t any surprises regarding your coverage.

Our In-Network Dental Insurance Providers

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Right now, our dental office is in network with TeamstersCare, a union-based insurance plan. Being in-network means that we’ve agreed to provide our services at a particular rate. Oftentimes, choosing an in-network provider can help you save more money. However, you can still enjoy considerable benefits even with an out-of-network provider, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with us with your insurance information to see what kind of savings you could enjoy at our dental office.