New Patients – Addison, NY

Are You Ready for Your Appointment?

Addison Family Dentistry is dedicated to making quality dental care accessible for as many Addison families as possible, and we’re happy that you’re considering scheduling an appointment with us. Before the day of your visit, please review the information on this page, so there aren’t any surprises when you arrive at our dental office. If there’s something you’re uncertain about, please reach out, so one of our dental team members can give you a hand!


Your First Visit

At your first appointment, our team will greet you and help you with the check-in process. You won’t have to wait long before bringing back to our treatment area, where we’ll take X-rays as needed and ask about the current state of your oral health. After a comprehensive checkup and cleaning, we’ll go over our findings with you and let you know about any problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as necessary.

Dental Patient Forms

Whether you’re visiting for a routine teeth cleaning, a more extensive restorative procedure, or even a cosmetic consultation, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork before your appointment. This will give us insight into your oral health history and any conditions that we should be aware of when making our recommendations. You can always ask our team members for help if there is anything on the forms that you don’t understand or have questions about.

Dental Insurance

Before your visit, we invite you to call our team with your insurance information so that you can confirm what sort of coverage is available under your plan. We can clarify what your insurance company will and won’t pay for, and we can handle the paperwork on your behalf to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. We’ll do all we can to help you maximize your benefits and take the burden of insurance off you.

Learn More About Dental Insurance

CareCredit Financing

When insurance fails to fully cover the cost of your treatment, you can use CareCredit financing to manage the costs involved. There are different financing plans that can be chosen according to your personal needs and budget. The cost of your care is broken up into a number of installments, which you can pay over the course of several months. This makes it easier to cover the cost of your visit without breaking your budget.