Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Addison, NY

Answering All of Your Family’s Dental Questions

Is there anything that you and your loved ones have been wanting to know about our dental office or dental care in general? Our dentistry team is always happy to answer any questions you might have, but before you call or schedule an appointment to speak to one of our dentists in person, we encourage you to check the answers to frequently asked dental questions from our Addison, NY dentistry patients below; they cover several topics that many of our dental patients often ask about, and we hope that you find them helpful.


How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

Most of the time, two dental visits a year (meaning one every six months) are enough for us to keep your smile clean and to catch any cavities or infections that have started to form in your mouth. We may ask you to start coming in more frequently if you have gum disease, as it’s important to be proactive about making sure that bacteria levels in the mouth stay under control.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Crown?

Normally, placing a crown takes at least two visits, but we can have one made for you right away with our in-house CEREC system. With CEREC, we’re able to mill durable, natural-looking crowns in less than an hour so that your tooth can be repaired right away.

Do You Place Dental Implants?

Yes! We’re able to complete the entire dental implant process in-house, and that includes the surgery to place the posts in your jaw. You’ll have a friendly, reliable team that you know by your side while the roots of your new smile are being set.

What Should I Do If I Have a Dental Emergency?

Call our dental office immediately if you have severe oral pain, broken or knocked out teeth, a lost crown or filling, or any other oral health issue that requires urgent care. We’ll put together a treatment plan to address the root of your pain. You should get in touch with the nearest emergency room if the issue at hand is putting your life in danger.

What Kind of Treatments Do You Offer for Children?

Naturally, we offer the preventive checkups and cleanings that your child will need to protect their smile as they grow and develop. We also offer dental sealants and mouthguards to help them keep their teeth safe, and we can use silver diamine fluoride to treat any cavities that we find.

Will You Take My Insurance?

We take a number of insurance plans, and we file the claims paperwork on your behalf. Call us to learn more about the savings available under your plan.