Superstar Smiles

Superstar Smiles is for the children in our practice aged 3 - 12 years old. It will be a monthly program with a prize given out each month to one lucky winner. Children have to be cavity free at their Hygiene visit. With parent's permission they will be entered in for the prize that month. We are hopeful that this program will be successful, and that there will be a lot of entries each month for the give away.

April's Superstar Smiles:

Colin M, Connor T, Liberty T, Abbey M, Clay T, Reese H, Kaden E, Aleigha F, Alivia H, Bently H, Rocco F, Ada P, Rowan D, Lyla K, Dalton M, Amelia B, Allie H, Sara D, Jack C, Sydney F, Adriana S, Samantha C, Sarah M

Congratulations to our April overall winner Rowan D. he won a $25 Fandango Gift Card!

May's Superstar Smiles:

Levi K, Lauren K, Ella R, Kiera M, Ryan M, Tyler E, Kristin M, Wesley M, Carsen L, Evan C, Mathew B, Leah P, Roman W, Reagan W, Michael B, Candice S, Harper R, Lilly C, Caleb C, Susie C, John T, Averie B, Kylee B, Colt H,Owen V

Congratulations to our May overall winner Aiden F. he won a $25 Fandango Movie Gift Card!

June's Superstar Smiles:

Makenna L, Haydon B, Ashton S, Kaydence B, Oliver H, Grace H, Brooke R, Haydon B, Makenna L, Ashton S, Kaydence B

Congratulations to our June overall winner Elana D. She won a $25 Fandango Movie Gift Card!

July's Superstar Smiles:

William R, Anna L, Micaela B, Tristan A, Carson T, Clayton W, Rebekah C, Parker T,

Congratulations to our July overall winner . She won a $25 Fandango Movie Gift Card!

August's Superstar Smiles:

Shane H, Payton T, Lucas K, Erika N, Grant T, Colton T, Adelyne K, Jess C, Ryanne S, Anastasia G, Rachael C, Kaitlyn B, Gavin S, Michelle G, Zoe D, Jerome M, Willow A, Shannon C, Gena F, Zane W, Dylin W, Emmie M, Fisher M, Lauren N, Alisyn C, Landon M, Grace G, Arabella C, Sophia G, Lauren F, Jenna S

Congratulations to our August overall winner Seth R. he won a $25 Fandango Movie gift card!

September's Superstar Smiles:

Aiden W, James D, Penelope T, Alexa A, Carter A, Mary C, Adriana S, Logan K, James L, Alyssa L, Brooke L, Jade S, Cayden S, Leah A, Owen V, Levi D, Olivia H, Sonya E, Kendall P, Morgan P, Claire T, Wyatt E, Clay T, Masey J, Collin M

Congratulations to our September overall winner Alexa A.. She won a $25 Fandango Movie gift card!

October's Superstar Smiles:

Roco F, Ryan M, Aleigha F, Sarah M, Makenna L, Carsen L, Ada P, Samantha C, Tyler E. Adrianna C, Allie H, Michael B, Kristin M, Roman W, Reagan W, Meadow D, Lauren K, Caleb C, Bristol R, Wyatt E, Susie C, Madelane R, Levi K, Lily C, Owen D

Congratulations to our October overall winner LAUREN K. SHe won a $25 Fandango Movie Gift Card!

Super Star Smiles October 2018

November's Superstar Smiles:

Emily P, Joseph H, Claire K, Camden V, Easton F, Weston A, Sebastian A, Leah L, Lucas L, Hayden L, Aiden F, Eli L, Christopher B, Owen S, Elianne K, Madelyn V, Molly P, Gabe C, Tristan A, Hadley W, Isabella L, Jonas W, Blade W, Haydan B, Ashton S, Amity W, Kaydece B

Congratulations to our November overall winner ELI L. he won a $25 Fandango Movie Gift Card!

December's Superstar Smiles:

Elana D, Nolan B, Kolby M, Harper B, Brooke R, Liliana F

Congratulations to our December overall Liliana F . SHe won a $25 Fandango Movie Gift Card!

January's Superstar Smiles:

William R, Roman A, Wade D, Anna L, Carson T, Parker T, Emily, Shae D, Noah H, Jackson N, Garrett S, Lezlie S, Ava M, Allie H, Noella G, Riley S, Gwendolyn T, Levi R, Ezra D, Richard B, Cecelia H, Matt F, Aloni H, Mckinzie G, Louis M, Micaela B, Ben B, Aurora J, Jon B, Briana M, Hadley J, Carson M, Trenton M,

Congratulations to our January overall winner Matt F. he won a $25 Fandango Movie Gift Card!

February's Superstar Smiles:

Monique M, Albert M, Landon R, Aronlee T, Lelah L, Levi S, Ana G, Ryanne S, Alisyn C, Hoyt C, Addy S, Evalyn B, Payton T, Colton T, Rian C, Grant T, Paxton K, Raegan F, Shannon C, Jacoby V, Gavin S

Congratulations to our overall February winner Alisyn C . SHe won a $25 Fandago Movie Gift Card!

Alisyn C

March's Superstar Smiles:

Grace G, Jay M, Brooke L, Chris P, Cayden S, Gena F, Jade S, Gage P, Lily W, Levi D, Rachel F, Brodi C, Fiona C, Alyssa L, Carter a, Sophia G, Alexa A, Aidan W, Corah N, Leah A, Conner B, Lauren F

Congratulation to our overall March winner Leah A . She has won a $25 Fandango Movie Gift Card!

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